Race Rules

The Tour:

The tour will be conducted from U9 through to U17 with participation events incorporated into the program prior to each event category. We hope to provide you with safe and competitive racing conducted on our excellent closed road circuit.
For the safety of riders, vehicles will not be permitted to enter or leave the course while racing is in progress. There will be designated times between races where the course will be open to traffic, so if you wish to leave please listen for the announcer for those times.
Please note there is no running water available at the course so please bring supplies if you want volume. Bottled water will be available from the canteen.

Race Conditions:

During the ITT there will be course Marshall's at each designated turning point and on corners with only authorised motorbikes allowed on the course during these events.
During the Road Race, spares will be available for under 15s and under 17s only.
Riders must complete each stage to compete in the General Classification, however riders may start subsequent events even if they have not completed the previous stage.
Racing is strictly on the left hand side of the road including during the sprints. If a rider crosses the centre line of the road they may be disqualified, relegated and or fined (at the commissaire's discretion).

Gear Restrictions and Rollout:

Riders must have their gear rolled out prior to each stage.
Please allow enough time for your rollout to be checked prior to racing CNSW rollout - U9/11 @ 5.5m, U13 @ 5.5m, U15 @ 6m and U17 @ 7m.

Claiming Places:

While the event is timed electronically, riders should also claim their positions.

General Classification:

The Under 9, Under 11 and Under 13's will be decided on points.
1st Ten points, 2nd Eight points, 3rd Six points, 4th Five points, 5th Four points, 6th Three points, 7th Two points and 8th One point.
The U15, U17 will be decided on time. The fastest time over the 3 stages will be declared the winner.
If there is a tie for GC, the rider with the fastest ITT time will be declared the overall GC winner. In the unlikely event of a timing system failure, the U15/17 GC will revert to the points system above.
Where a rider has completed less laps that the winner of the Stage 2 Criterium (and has not abandoned or been ruled a 'DNF' by the Chief Commissaire), they may be awarded a time for GC purposes calculated as follows:
Time + (time of the last finisher plus seconds).
Should this calculation result in a Stage 3 rank that is greater than that of any other rider who has completed the same number of laps as the winner, time shall be further adjusted to be the time of the lowest rank rider completing all laps plus 5 minutes. Riders failing to complete a stage may still ride in the next stage, but will not be eligible for the GC

Numbers & Timing Chip:

TWO (2) jersey numbers and a timing chip will be supplied to all riders. One number is to be placed on the riders back and one number on the left rib cage for the road race and criteriums. One number is to be placed on the riders back for the ITT.
The timing chip must be either cable tied on the front fork or attached to a chip bracket. Brackets cost $5. If you return the bracket your $5 will be refunded or you may keep it if you wish. Failure to attach the chip will result in no time being recorded for your stage and the rider will no be longer eligible for the GC competition.
Riders are responsible for the return the timing chip. Failure to return a chip will result in the rider being charged a replacement fee of $80. The riders licence will be held until payment has been arranged.


Medals will be awarded to the 1st three place getters in each stage. Prizes and medals will be awarded to the top five on GC at the end of the tour. A GC winners jersey and Best Young Rider's jersey will also be awarded.

Race Penalties:

All CNSW/CA rules apply. You must not cross the centre line. Penalties are at the discretion of the Commissaires.


Presentations will occur following each stage. The U9/11 age groups presentations may occur during the older group's events. Please ensure that you listen to the PA announcer Mr Mark Craig for up to date details of presentations and events.
It is vital that riders are present for these presentations so that prizes can be awarded and photos taken for the sponsors.

Rider and handlers briefing:

Briefing for riders and handlers/parents will occur before each stage. All riders must be aware of their allocated start time, if allocated start times are missed for the ITT, their time will be calculated from their scheduled start time.